Build Brand Awareness

Stop growing your brand's equity the slow and expensive way.

Our proven advertising system allows you to harness the power of the two most important social media platforms for travel and adventure brands; Facebook and Instagram.

By using our Infinite Creative system use thousands of variations on the same ad to show the right people the right message at the right time.

This allows you to speak to more people for less through decreased advertising costs, stops your customers from being bored with your ads and helps your brand to discover which language and imagery motivates your customers the most.

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Be Found

Help the right people to find your brand and grow your existing customer base or target new markets.

Get Mentioned

Increased reach brings increased mentions, spreading word-of-mouth from independent, trustworthy voices; other people who love your brand.

Start More Conversations

By finding the right message for your audience and getting more reach for your dollar, new and existing customers will engage with your brand.

Nail It

Intuition is important, but it hurts ad campaigns. Machine learning analyses your data and ensures your campaign delivers the best performing ads to get results.

Get More Subscribers

Brands like yours understand the importance of email marketing.

Newsletter subscribers are more likely to make both an initial purchase and repeat purchases from your brand.

But growing your list quickly, for a price you can afford isn’t always easy.

Let us bring this ease to your day, by ethically boosting your number subscribers through clever, efficient ad campaigns that delivers new subscribers straight to your existing email marketing tool.

I Need This
Target Specific Regions

Need new subscribers from a specific state, country or region? Our advanced subscriber targeting makes this easy.

Win New Customers

By combining advertising with email marketing, your brand can win high value customers, fast.

Helpful Remarketing

Often the best subscribers have already purchased from your brand. Help these customers to stay in touch with your brand and aware of latest releases or deals.

Use Data

Use machine learning to crunch the numbers on your ad campaign, and get you the right subscribers for the right price.

Get More Leads

Is your company looking for qualified leads, waiting to speak with your sales team?

Are you looking for B2B sales inquiries, such as new distributors or re-sellers?

Or B2C leads, wanting more information on your bespoke products or packages?

We can acquire these sales leads on behalf of your business, and pass them on to your sales team via email, import it straight to your CRM, or any other method that suits your needs.

Our packages are flexible, and we are happy to agree on a pay for performance scenario, to reduce your risk.

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The Otium Boutique Mission

We're tired of advertising being seen as a cost on travel and adventure brands. We work with brands like yours to turn your advertising into a profit center that grows your company and assists in your goals.
Sara Burke

“I have come to think of these guys as members of my own team because they understand our business objectives and inner workings so intimately.”

Sara Burke, Gibbons Whistler
Nancy Steward - Nita Lake Lodge

“We worked with Otium Boutique to enhance the SEO performance of our hotel blog. Their professionalism and expertise far exceeded our expectations and we saw great results from their work.”

Nancy Steward, Nita Lake Lodge
Lorraine Yeung, Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

“Otium Boutique provided an excellent, in-depth technical audit of our websites with clear, specific advice for improving our SEO. We anticipate good benefits to our new website.”

Lorraine Yeung, Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

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