Build Awareness

The most beautiful hotel websites don't live up to their potential without being shown to the right people - your future guests!

We will help your boutique hotel get in front of the right people, so they know of your hotel and the incredible experience that it provides.

Using a range of methods tailored to your business needs, we’ll build guest awareness around your hotel. This provides a starting point for conversation with future guests, encouraging them to aspire to visit your hotel.

Can We Help?
Be Found

Being found in search engines is a major part of the puzzle your hotel can’t miss.

Are you ranking for what your guests are searching?

Get Mentioned

Mentions of your hotel on influential blogs or publications helps spread word-of-mouth from an independent, trustworthy voice.

Make Friends

Travelers make decisions based on what they read on social media. Are you getting results from your social channels?

Be Striking

Is your hotel blending in with the crowd? We’ll develop a content marketing strategy that makes you stand out from the rest.

Keep Your
Guests Engaged

Once the right people know about your hotel, you need to stay on their mind.

We help your hotel stay in touch with your best future guests in a way that is helpful and interesting, never annoying.

We Make It Easy
Educate Your Guests

By producing high quality, educational content on your region, future guests will view you as the local experts likely to give them a great stay.

Stay Present

After potential guests flag your hotel as an option for their trip, it’s important that they see fresh content and social media posts, without repetition.

Use Helpful Remarketing

Remarketing helps potential guests who viewed your website but didn’t make a booking commit to a visit. Is your hotel taking advantage of this technology?

Use Data

Accurate analytics data gives your team intelligence on information such as which topics your guests are most interested in, or what channels give the greatest ROI.

Get Your Bookings

Boutique hotels with strong brand awareness and guest engagement see solid growth in direct bookings.

With a steady flow of traffic, social proof and trust, we will have plenty of people interested to book a stay at your hotel.

But getting them this far is only part of the battle; any friction at this point can be the difference between a booking or more revenue for your competitors.

We make sure the booking process is as painless as possible. Consider the following:

  • Is your hotel’s website 100% mobile device friendly?
  • Is it secure for both users and payments?
  • Do bookings happen on your website? Or does your booking engine send users to another website?
  • Does your website load within 2 seconds for guests in every corner of the globe?
Let Us Handle It

The Otium Boutique Mission

We make websites and digital marketing a profit center, instead of a cost on the businesses we work with. In doing so, we save time for boutique hotel owners and marketing directors so they may focus on their company goals.
Sara Burke

“I have come to think of these guys as members of my own team because they understand our business objectives and inner workings so intimately.”

Sara Burke, Gibbons Whistler
Nancy Steward - Nita Lake Lodge

“We worked with Otium Boutique to enhance the SEO performance of our hotel blog. Their professionalism and expertise far exceeded our expectations and we saw great results from their work.”

Nancy Steward, Nita Lake Lodge
Lorraine Yeung, Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

“Otium Boutique provided an excellent, in-depth technical audit of our websites with clear, specific advice for improving our SEO. We anticipate good benefits to our new website.”

Lorraine Yeung, Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

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